Dutch Trains & Trams: The Ultimate YouTube Guide

Dutch Trains & Trams: The Ultimate YouTube Guide

There’s something calming about watching the world from the cab of trains and trams in the Netherlands. Fortunately, there are numerous channels to get your fix. Ride along with these engineers through the beautiful cities and countryside and enjoy the view.

Cabview Holland Dutch Railways

Channel Description: The mission: Sharing my view as a train driver showing you the Netherlands and building a historical database of our railway system and rolling stock - both modern and heritage. I also offer drivers the opportunity to keep track of their road knowledge and I help NS Opleidingen and various internal NS projects by making my films available. It also turns out that my recordings are a source of inspiration for would-be train drivers worldwide and it makes me very proud to have introduced dozens of new colleagues in this way :-)

Openbaar Vervoer Nederland

Channel Description: [Translated] Hello welcome to the Netherlands Public Transportation Channel. Here I post videos of Trams Buses Metros and Trains in the Netherlands and also rides on routes.

Dutch Train Channel

Channel Description: This channel features mostly railroad crossings in the Netherlands but does also occasionally present videos of bridges and model trains.

Spoor 4

Channel Description: EN: Welcome to Spoor 4! The channel for all railway enthusiasts. Subscribe to stay updated about our new videos. Trains through the Netherlands but also other European countries, public transport, and model railroads are part of this channel. When you're subscribed you're part of the Spoor 4 Community. Let us know what you think about our videos with a comment. Do you like a video? Feel free to leave a like.

Cabview Heritage - Enjoy Railway History

Channel Description: Welcome! At Cabview Heritage, we post cab rides filmed from steam locomotives, historic diesel trains, unique narrow gauge railways, and more so you can enjoy railway heritage in a unique way. You could already watch all museum railways in the Netherlands at the mother channel Cabview Holland, but these videos deserve their own channel. Initially, we will re-edit the old movies in a better quality. In the meantime, we are working on new cab rides on heritage lines. If you don't want to miss these cab ride collectables, subscribe now and enjoy a special ride every Friday.

Railtheater Amsterdam

Channel Description: Railtheater Amsterdam has been the busiest meeting point for rail fans since 1970. In addition to the regular film/photo screenings about railways and tramways in the 'RTA hall' in Amsterdam-Slotermeer, the R.T.A. also provided guest performances elsewhere in the country. When Corona made these evenings impossible in the period 2020-2022, YouTube was used as a fallback place for these rail presentations. You can see these productions via our website www.railtheater.nl.

Rail Public Transport

Welcome to Rail Public Transport. Mostly I make videos about the metro and tram system in Amsterdam, metro, tram, and other light rail networks around the globe.

RailCam Netherlands

Welcome to Rail Public Transport. Mostly I make videos about the metro and tram system in Amsterdam, metro, tram, and other light rail networks around the globe.


Channel Description: Welcome to my channel! My name is Paul and I work as a train driver at the Dutch Railways. My place of employment is Arnhem so this is where I always start and end my shift. Through this channel, I would like to give you an impression of my work on the train. There are a lot of cab videos out there and I also make vlogs!

Machinist Stefan

Channel Description: Welcome to my YouTube channel full of Dutch Train Cab Ride videos! All videos recorded in QHD (4K) quality. Since 2023, 60fps (30fps on videos before that). Stations schedule particularities and more mentioned in videos. I hope you enjoy my channel. If you have any questions about them, let me know in the comments under the video and I will personally come back to you. Subscribe and tell your friends. The more the merrier! :D Cheers! Machinist Stefan.


Spoorwegen TV

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