Giethoorn, The Venice of The Netherlands

Giethoorn, The Venice of The Netherlands

The Netherlands are known for a variety of different reasons. When thinking about travelling to this country, one probably first thinks about visiting Amsterdam or The Hague. However, there are a lot of other reasons why the Netherlands are a great place to travel to. One of which is the city of Giethoorn. The city that you can only travel by boat. But what is Giethoorn exactly? 

What is Giethoorn? 

Giethoorn is a little village north-east of Amsterdam, in the middle of The Netherlands. What characterizes Giethoorn the most are it's beautiful canals and distinct lack of roads. Nowadays, you would expect a village to have roads. Roads that allow you to travel from one point to another by car. But, this is not possible in Giethoorn. Instead of cars, you have a number of travel options:

  • Bike lanes: The Dutch are already known for their bike lanes. But, Giethoorn takes this to a whole new level. The bikes lanes are a perfect way to travel through this scenic village. Bring your own or rent one to spend a day among the amazing view of the canals and bridges. There are even bike tours you can take through Giethoorn.
  • Walking paths: If you can’t or don’t want to travel by bike, then there’s always the option of walking. The walking paths are accessible throughout all of Giethoorn. This is in part why the bridges are iconic. They connect all the walking paths of this village. Which in turn makes it possible to discover everything Giethoorn has to offer by foot.
    • Bridges: As you might expect, a village designed around traveling by boat has a lot bridges (over 100+). Giethoorn's bridges are simple but they play a large part in defining the romantic coziness that defines the village. Most of them are about the same style and size, but despite their uniformity, they are still one of the top things visitors will remember of Giethoorn.
  • Boats: And finally, there are of course the boats of Giethoorn. They are what the village is most known for. It gives you a unique perspective of the different parts of the town. Most villagers own a boat, because it’s quick and the most comfortable way to travel around. It's great for doing the groceries, visiting nearby friends and just exploring the whole of Giethoorn. 

Why can you only travel by boat? 

Technically, there are roads in Giethoorn, but much of the city and views of Giethoorn are only reachable by boat. In fact, there are many homes that can only be reached by boat and, as a result, that's also how they receive their mail. This is what makes Giethoorn so iconic. There are so many waterways, which means you can travel in almost any direction. Therefore, it is suggested for tourists to definitely try this out. Not only is it very relaxing, but you’ll also be able to get a close look of the lifestyle of the inhabitants of Giethoorn. 

So are you planning on discovering the most unique experiences The Netherlands have to offer? Then don’t skip Giethoorn. You’ll find out that it’s an experience you won’t forget quickly. 

Reasons to travel to Giethoorn

All in all, there are many reasons to travel to Giethoorn. In most cases, the top reason is to have a unique experience. In this day and age, there aren’t many places where cars aren’t allowed. Discovering Giethoorn by boat will be something you won’t ever forget. You’ll discover the peaceful existence the people of Giethoorn are living. 

Additionally, the surroundings are absolutely beautiful. Especially in the spring and summer, when all the trees and flowers are in their blooming phase. This creates a perfect visual spectacle. Something which will stay with you the entire tour.

It’s not uncommon for visitors to fall in love with the lifestyle of the people of Giethoorn. It’s something they end up wanting for themselves. The peace, nature and beauty of Giethoorn are what brings tourists back year after year.

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