Night Buses in Amsterdam

Night Buses in Amsterdam

Amsterdam transforms into a different city at night, and exploring it becomes an adventure thanks to the reliable night buses. When the trams and regular buses cease their routes, the night buses take over, ensuring you can travel across the city effortlessly.

What Are Amsterdam's Night Buses?

The night buses in Amsterdam, operated by GVB, provide essential public transportation throughout the night. These buses connect major districts and neighborhoods, making it easy for night owls and late-night workers to get around the city. All lines start and end at Amsterdam Centraal Station, ensuring central connectivity.

When Do They Operate?

Night buses run from around midnight until early morning, covering the hours when regular public transportation is not available. They run once an hour, so it's essential to check the schedule in advance to avoid long waits.

Where Can You Travel?

These buses cover extensive routes across Amsterdam, including popular areas like the city center, major train stations, and residential neighborhoods. With all lines starting and ending at Amsterdam Centraal Station, you can conveniently navigate the city after dark.

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How to Use the Night Buses

Using the night buses is straightforward. You can purchase a single-ride ticket for €5.40, valid for 1.5 hours from the time of purchase. Tickets can be bought from GVB ticket vending machines, service points, or via the GVB app. You can also check in and out using an OV-chipkaart, debit card, or credit card. Check out the official site for more ticketing information.

Tips for Tourists

For tourists, night buses are a perfect solution to navigate Amsterdam after hours. They offer a safe, reliable, and affordable way to travel between attractions, nightlife spots, and hotels. Be sure to plan your journey in advance using the GVB travel planner to ensure smooth travel.


Amsterdam's night buses are a lifeline for the city after dark, ensuring you can experience everything it has to offer without worry. Whether you're heading back to your hotel after a night out or exploring the city's nocturnal side, these buses provide a safe and convenient way to travel.

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