Volendam: Discover the Charm of a Historic Fishing Village

Volendam: Discover the Charm of a Historic Fishing Village

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Step into Volendam, a picturesque village where traditional Dutch culture and modern attractions blend beautifully. This charming enclave is a celebration of the Netherlands’ rich heritage, offering everything from historical insights to delectable local cuisine.

Places to Go

The lively Volendam Harbour is the heart of the village, where colorful boats and bustling activity paint a vivid picture of maritime life. For a deeper dive into history, the Volendams Museum displays artifacts and traditional clothing, encapsulating centuries of local culture.

Don't miss the chance to dress in traditional Volendam costumes at one of the village's famous photography studios, creating a unique and memorable souvenir.

Places to Eat

Experience the local flavor with Volendam’s renowned smoked eel or other seafood delicacies at the harbour-front restaurants. The culinary scene here is a showcase of traditional Dutch cooking, with herring and stroopwafels among the must-try dishes.

For an immersive experience, visit the cheese factories along the route to Volendam, where you can enjoy tastings and learn about cheese production.

  • De Lunch Havenrestaurant (View Website): Known for its seafood and harbor views.
  • Smit Bokkum (View Website): Specializes in locally smoked eel and other seafood dishes.
  • De Dijk (View Website): Offers a wide range of Dutch and international cuisines with scenic views.
  • Woltje’s Backerij (View Website): A must-visit for trying authentic Dutch stroopwafels.

Places to Stay

Stay overnight to fully enjoy Volendam's serene evenings. Options range from modern hotels to charming B&Bs located in refurbished fishermen's houses, offering a warm, local experience.

  • Hotel Spaander (View Website): Hotel Spaander in Volendam seamlessly blends historical charm with modern amenities. Established in 1881, this iconic hotel is renowned for its rich history and artistic heritage. Located on the scenic Volendam harbor, it offers a unique experience with beautifully adorned rooms that reflect traditional Dutch culture. Guests can enjoy local cuisine at the on-site restaurant and explore the extensive art collection displayed throughout the hotel.
  • Hotel Volendam (View Website): Hotel Volendam, part of the Van der Valk chain, offers a serene escape with its comfortable and stylish rooms. Nestled in a picturesque rural setting, it provides modern facilities including a pop-up restaurant, a bar, and extensive event spaces. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi and parking, ensuring a convenient and relaxing stay. Ideal for both leisure and business, the hotel is easily accessible by car or public transport from major points like Amsterdam.
  • Hotel Old Dutch (View Website): Hotel Old Dutch in Volendam offers a prime waterfront location with stunning views of the former Zuiderzee. It features 32 spacious rooms tailored for various guest needs, providing a blend of traditional hospitality and modern comfort. The hotel is renowned for its personal service and the on-site Restaurant Le Pompadour, which serves a mix of international and local Volendam dishes. Ideal for both short visits and extended stays, Hotel Old Dutch ensures a memorable experience with each visit.

How to Get to Volendam

  • From Amsterdam Centraal Station, take a direct bus to Volendam which leaves regularly and takes about 30 minutes. Alternatively, hire a car or cycle the scenic route along the marked bike paths.
  • From Schipol Airport, the most convenient option is to take a train to Amsterdam Centraal and proceed by bus to Volendam. Car rentals and taxis offer more flexibility for direct routes to the village.

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