La Perla

La Perla

In the heart of Amsterdam’s vibrant Jordaan district lies a quaint and lively street often called "Little Italy" by locals. This nickname is well-earned, thanks to the street's numerous Italian restaurants, each offering high-quality cuisine. However, La Perla stands out as the only establishment where you can enjoy authentic traditional pizze.

The Essence of La Perla

La Perla is not just another Italian restaurant; it's a culinary gem in Amsterdam's food scene. Located on Tweede Tuindwarsstraat, this restaurant brings a slice of Italy to the Netherlands with its authentic recipes and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you are seated inside or outside, you are in for a delightful dining experience.

A Taste of Tradition

At La Perla, the focus is on traditional Italian cuisine, particularly their renowned pizze. Each pizza is crafted with care, using fresh, high-quality ingredients. The menu also features a selection of pastas and sandwiches available during lunch hours, ensuring there's something to satisfy every palate.

More than Just Pizza

La Perla's appeal goes beyond its delicious food. The restaurant offers an impressive wine list, with a variety of wines available by the glass. This allows guests to enjoy the perfect pairing with their meal, enhancing the overall dining experience. The ambiance of La Perla, coupled with its culinary offerings, makes it a must-visit spot in Amsterdam.

Practical Information

La Perla is conveniently located at Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 14 & 53, 1015 RZ Amsterdam. The restaurant is open daily from 11:30 to 22:00, providing ample opportunity to enjoy their offerings. For those planning to visit, reservations can be made through their website.

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