Amsterdam City Archives

Amsterdam City Archives

For those fascinated by Amsterdam's rich history, the Amsterdam City Archives (Stadsarchief Amsterdam) is an unmissable destination. Located in the monumental De Bazel building, this treasure trove of historical documents, photographs, maps, and personal stories offers a deep dive into the city's past.


The Amsterdam City Archives holds over 50 kilometers of shelf space filled with archives, spanning several centuries. It provides an extensive look into the development of Amsterdam, from its early days as a small fishing village to its rise as a major trading hub during the Dutch Golden Age and beyond. The archives include important documents such as the original maps of the city, records from the VOC (Dutch East India Company), and personal letters from notable residents.

Notable Exhibits

Among the many treasures, visitors can find unique exhibits like the 17th-century paintings of the Amsterdam canal belt, which showcase the city's iconic waterways in their early days. The archives also house personal diaries and letters from ordinary citizens, giving a personal touch to historical events. Another highlight is the collection of photographs documenting Amsterdam's transformation through the ages, providing a visual journey through time.

Research Opportunities

Researchers and history enthusiasts will find the Amsterdam City Archives a valuable resource. The archive's extensive catalog is accessible both online and on-site, allowing for in-depth research into various aspects of Amsterdam's history. Whether you're tracing family genealogy, studying urban development, or exploring the city's cultural evolution, the archives offer a wealth of information to support your inquiries.

Events and Tours

The Amsterdam City Archives regularly hosts events, exhibitions, and guided tours. These activities provide deeper insights into specific periods or themes within the archives. Guided tours are particularly popular, as they offer expert-led explorations of the archive's most significant and intriguing collections. Please note that there is a fee for guided tours. Check the official website for the latest schedule of events and to book a tour in advance.

Location/How to Get There

The Amsterdam City Archives is conveniently located at Vijzelstraat 32, in the heart of Amsterdam. It is easily accessible by public transport, with several tram and bus lines stopping nearby. The closest tram stop is Rembrandtplein, served by tram lines 4 and 14. To get their by the Metro, you can use lines 51, 53, 54 and get off at the Waterlooplein station. For those traveling by car, there are parking garages available in the vicinity, though public transport is recommended due to limited parking space.

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