Photo of a sunrise over flowers in Beatrixpark


Beatrixpark, named after Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, who later became queen, is one of Amsterdam's oldest modern city parks. Established in 1938 and designed by the landscape architect Jakoba Mulder, the park is renowned for its tranquil ambiance and its historical significance. Over the years, it has been preserved and slightly expanded while maintaining its original character. The park features well-maintained lawns, picturesque ponds, and diverse flora that make it a favorite spot for both relaxation and recreational activities among locals and tourists alike.

Throughout the years, Beatrixpark has seen various enhancements, including the addition of a unique medicinal herb garden in the 1970s, which still exists today. It serves not only as a leisurely green space but also as a venue for events and cultural activities, contributing to the community’s social and cultural fabric. The park's design and maintenance have focused on sustainability and biodiversity, incorporating ecological practices to support local wildlife. This commitment makes Beatrixpark a quintessential example of Dutch park conservation and an enduring treasure in Amsterdam’s urban landscape.

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